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   RM (16)                                 spectrum

Spectrum, an Indian contemporary dance is an integrated array of imageries: imageries of colours, emotions and movements. The burst of colours when white light passes through a prism; the nature of each colour in relationship to the human emotions of joy, sorrow, love, anger, fear, pride and peace – the navarasa; the exploration of ideas about the technology of the human body in the form of myriads of pure dance movements. Such continuous flow of imageries evokes aesthetic experience in the rasikas leading to oneness with the Absolute.

Music by Hemanth Kumar

Srishtikarta – The Maker

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More than one million years ago the early tool- making man controlled fire as a means for bettering the chances of the species’ survival. The evolution from fire to fossil fuels to nuclear energy is a path of improving human health and welfare arising from efficient and effective access to energy. With wide spread industrialization, human use of coal, oil and natural gas, has led to an impact on global environment viz. global warming. The melting of the Himalayan glaciers and increase in the level of Green house gases in the atmosphere are some of the known effects of global warming. This contemporary dance piece “Srishtikarta” is a linear portrayal of man’s struggle to control everything. But will he realize at what cost?

Flight from the Shadow

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flight from the shadow_13                                              flight from the shadow_10

So many of our experiences, particularly during the impressionable years of growing up, are based on negative feedback on who we are – supposedly incompetent at many things and incapable of brilliance on numerous occasions and so on. Since the reference for determining our greatness is always others, the reality that there’s always someone who’s stronger, richer, more beautiful or more successful or more knowledgeable than us is hard to swallow. “We are disturbed by the sight of our own shadow and weaknesses” What do we do then, we try even harder – “but the shadow, the footsteps, and our sense of lack won’t go away.” Not by overcoming our weaknesses or negative emotions of self-doubt or by escaping or ignoring them; but by developing a deeper understanding of who we are and how whole, complete and perfect we are – even if our conditioned mind would have us believe otherwise, only such a realization allows us to experience greater peace. “If he merely stepped into the shade, his shadow would vanish, and if he sat down and stayed still, there would be no more foot steps.”


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Croatia Dance Tour 2016

Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour. At Rhythmotion, we do not limit ourselves in the dances we perform. We like to showcase all our strengths and weaknesses, in such a way that the audience is always entertained. Be it Contemporary or Classical dance pieces, we infuse energy, passion, expression, rhythm and motion, hence the name.

Rhythmotion has over the years performed various dance pieces in the Indian Classical and Contemporary dance forms to audiences all over the country. Some of these pieces include collaborations with artists from all over the world, experts in dance and other forms of movement. From the breathtakingly fast and powerful Asatoma to the calm and expressive Srishtikarta, Rhythmotion always manages to bring out the best in all of its dance pieces.


Varna-Nee Indha Mayam

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Varna is the central piece of the repertoire (Margam)  in the  South Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam. It comprises of Nritta (technique) and Abhinaya (expression). “Nee Indha Mayam” Composed by Papanasam Sivam in Raga Dhanyasi set to Adi Tala, describes the pangs of separation experienced by the Nayika (heroine) from the Nayaka (Krishna). She remembers the good times she had with her beloved Krishna, the Maya (illusion) and Leelas he had created and now she is sad that he has forgotten her. She is requesting him to show Karuna (sympathy) towards her and come back to her.

Choreographed and performed by Chitra Arvind for Chalana’08