Varna-Nee Indha Mayam

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Varna is the central piece of the repertoire (Margam)  in the  South Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam. It comprises of Nritta (technique) and Abhinaya (expression). “Nee Indha Mayam” Composed by Papanasam Sivam in Raga Dhanyasi set to Adi Tala, describes the pangs of separation experienced by the Nayika (heroine) from the Nayaka (Krishna). She remembers the good times she had with her beloved Krishna, the Maya (illusion) and Leelas he had created and now she is sad that he has forgotten her. She is requesting him to show Karuna (sympathy) towards her and come back to her.

Choreographed and performed by Chitra Arvind for Chalana’08